What is the clay pot?

The greatness of the Claypot lies in its simplicity since preparing th food doesn’t require specific cooking or gastronomical knowledge.

Usage is very simple, a reason why it was popular in ancient Roman Empire and later among the population of the Empire’s territories .

How to use the Claypot?

First of dip the pot in water for enough time that the pot absorbs water. Put in the cooking materials, close the lid of the pot and place it in an oven.

It takes time to cook with the Claypot but worth it since the prepared food has a special taste. Due to the constant steaming the meats won’t dry and the tasty liquids remain in the food. Those who like food roasted can remove the lid at the end of the process

Not to mention that during the roasting you don’t need to add fat or any additional material, it gets roasted without any further adjustment.

When cleaning the Claypot please avoid (if possible) the use of chemicals since they can easily get into the structure of the Claypot and alter the taste of the food in later uses.

In the past Claypot were cleaned with ash or sand. we can use this today too but strong scrubbing and hot water can clean the pot too.

There are many receipts and advices but our personal experience is that the roasted chicken, pork, turkey, small wild birds or stuffed cabbage are the best but any meat with added vegetables taste delicious. A further advantage of the Claypot is that vegetables don’t lose their color and don’t shrink. Due to the closed pot the useful nutrition in the meats or vegetables don’t evaporate, thus food prepared in the Claypot are much more healthy, the meat is easier digestible and since there is no fat or oil involved the cholesterol level is very low.

To sum it up the Claypot is easy to use, lasts long, and simply indispensable. We think that it’s pointless to praise this excellent vessel since it praises itself and the right choice of the customer who buys it.

Try it and you won’t be disappointed!